Pershore Bowling Club

Green Etiquette & Coaching - Notes from meeting with Angela Roberts National Level coach April 2017

Etiquette on the green

* Common courtesies and sportsmanship are central to the game.

 * Know the LAWS. 

     * Be in good time; do not arrive at the last minute.

 * Phones should be off; and not used on the green.

 * Be quiet and still throughout the game.

 * When your wood comes to a halt the mat passes to the opposition – any discussion between you and your skip should wait until the mat passes back to you.

 * When not bowling stand a metre behind the mat and to the side.

 * When ready to bowl be ready to accept instruction from your skip.

 * Do not walk onto or across another rink.

 * Walk down the centre of the rink.

* Always ask your skip and/or the opposition if you need to leave the rink.

* Do not kick the woods in until the result is decided and agreed.

* Everyone should assist in rounding up the woods.

* Everyone in the team should concentrate on the game and know what the position is to avoid asking unnecessary questions.

Guidelines for Markers


1.    DO examine both sets of bowls before the game starts to make sure they are of the same set.

2.    DO make sure you have all the equipment you need: Cards, pen,  chalk, measure, string measure, wedges, coin for tossing.

3.    DO check the mat is correct and then align the jack after it has come to rest.

4.    DO stand well behind the jack, and to one side, with no shadow over it.

5.    DO chalk all touchers in two places after the bowl comes to rest.

6.    DO answer all questions briefly, and only when the player is on the mat, unless asked to elaborate by either player.

7.    DO keep clear of the Head  when the players arrive – they determine the result of the end. (Not the marker)

8.    DO tell the players the score after each end and make sure the scorecard and scoreboard is up-dated accordingly.

9.    DO see that the scorecard is checked and signed by both players at the conclusion of the game.

10.If you need help when measuring, as the marker you should have the end near the bowl and not the jack.

11. DO mark the position of a jack or live bowl in the ditch (white marker for jack, red for bowl)

12. DO remove chalk marks from a previous end

13. DO  say ‘it’s a measure ‘ if it’s too close to call – don’t guess.

14. If you need to place the jack at the 2 metre mark from the ditch the front of the jack should be level with the end of the 2 meter stick (not in front of it)




1.    DO NOT move about when either player is about to bowl

2.    DO NOT move in to see who has ‘the shot’ unless asked.

3.    DO NOT volunteer information on the head unless requested to do by the players concerned.

      4.DO NOT comment on good or poor shots from either player.

 5.DO NOT MEASURE unless asked to do so by the players – they have the right to carry out their own measuring.

6.    DO NOT talk to spectators.

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